Garfield Family History
Welcome to the Garfield Family History website. Here we share our heritage with all those who may be interested in learning about who and where they come from.  

In honor of my grandfather, Richard Garfield, who co-founded the Garfield Family website and ran it for many years we are updating and redesigning the website to make it a place where researchers can exchange ideas, information and leads on thier family lineages.

We started this website 19 years ago and were able to bring together Garfield researchers from around the world. Unfortunately with the poor health and passing of my grandfather, activity had fallen off over the last few years. It is my hope that we can bring people together and get the future generations interested in their family history. Help us make our 20th year the best one yet.
Along with the new layout, you will see new features and more information. For a more indepth breakdown of the features on the site check here:  Site Features

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Left Picture: Joe Garfield age 41 yrs
Above Picture: Barn on Joe Garfield Farm
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